so, be good to yourself
  • [02/11/22] - sorry about the annoying music autoplay, I didn't know that worked!
  • [30/10/22] - SCM player doesn't work and neocities viewer takes a long time to update after editing css, :(, but I made the about me page!
  • [29/10/22] - SCM player for music - such a cool project!! saved me so much fiddling
  • [28/10/22] - changed navbar active indicator, made to-do list and site updates window, created (empty) about/blog/misc pages, added a defunct cd player

Welcome, welcome!

So I decided to completely remake the neocities site I manically designed 2 years ago because I wanted a place to dump all my thoughts about various films, animes and other media (unlikely) in the form of blog-esque articles, although they'll probably turn out more like incoherent ramblings. You can check those out in the cinema section when I actually write something. Check out the playlist at the top for some of my favourite songs (at the moment at least - my taste changes fast)

Other than that, I guess this scrappy shed of a website will be used for me to share my personal interests, works, thoughts as well as cool stuff I've found elsewhere irl or on the web. You might think the flashy rainbows and glitter are a bit much, but I really really really despise corporate minimalist web design. You're on Neocities, so you probably do too. 

[Important note: this site is under HEAVY construction. When clicking on anything expect it to lead to a blank page.]

  • corner shop (about me) - main interests, likes/dislikes/, userboxes, blinkies (?), shrines, software and piracy resources recs, stationery ramblings
  • cinema - blog about 'media' stuff, still deciding how to set up the process of adding new blog posts. If anybody has any suggestions, tips, guides etc etc please let me know!!! I am struggling
  • home page - add everything from favicon, site buttons, blinkies, external links, music playa, updates, custom cursor, custom scrollbars literally everything there is so much to do
  • ??? (undecided) - art, poetry, writing, other stuf...