Wow, I haven't updated this site in over a month! I've really missed Neocities, and now that it's the summer holidays I can finally go back to updating this site frequently. I'm looking to make some big changes and hopefully upgrade it from the few lines of HTML on each page.
It doesn't feel like summer, and although quarantine restrictions have been basically lifted where I live, I still haven't met up with any friends due to the paranoia of my parents. Still, I have a lot of plans!


How is it already May? It feels like February. They say time flies past when you're having fun, but that's certainly not the case. This year doesn't feel right; it doesn't feel real at all. Zoom lessons are a lot more tiring than actual school, and I've had instances where I nearly passed out mid-lesson. Though, I'm still reluctant to go outside: the sunshine burns my eyes.


Sorry about not updating my site much. Lots of school-work, that's all. I'm aiming to photograph my favourite pieces and upload them to my Art page. Hopefully I can also get around to building that Music page I've been thinking about, though I'm running out of layout ideas. I'm actually missing pre-quarantine school now, so that's a surprise.


I've been stuck in quarantine for nearly a month now. There are rumours that school could reopen as early as late May. That seems a stupid decision, since social distancing can't be kept that way, what with large gatherings and assemblies. I'm enjoying being stuck inside actually, I keep seeing all my friends complaining about them losing their sanity, but honestly this is my preferred lifestyle.

Easter holiday ends tomorrow. Teachers seem to give double the workload when you're in quarantine.