so, be good to yourself

I learnt the internet rules of safety when I was around 7 and those rules are basically my ten (three) commandments:
1. no real name
2. no age
3. no address!

but, call me diamond. I live in London, and you can use any pronouns. I'd prefer no fem slang/descriptors if possible, I'm trying to figure myself out.

diamond currently feels...

The current mood of diamond7 at

I usually go by diamond online because I liked gems and crystals and stuff a lot when I was a really small kid, thought to myself 'jeez these are so pretty and sparkly'. Being a young kid, I also had pretty much unrestricted internet access which is terrifying but it meant I signed up to every website imaginable with a username of "[something stupid] Diamond". So it stuck, and diamond is a cool word. "Galaxydiamond" not so much - it evokes the sense of a 10 yr old's Minecraft account. I don't know if I can change it, though

That was the intro. There's a lot more I can tell you about myself apart from my goofy neocities nickname. I'm bisexual so naturally I like a whole host of stuff and I enjoy a few different activities, but academics are important to me so sadly a lot of my hobbies have fallen to the wayside. Weirdly, I find writing about myself quite fun so this is gonna be a really long 'about me', which probably tells you that I'm some kind of egomaniac

I like film, anime, books, stupidly long YouTube videos and all sorts of music. Media is important to me - though I would say my mental health is pretty good now and that I'm satisfied, even if not fully happy, it used to be very different. These forms of escapism brought comfort and I like to think they pulled me through rough periods, always giving me something to look forward to and something to live and try for. I don't read as much as I use to so I've become a slow reader, meaning it takes a while to find the time to read, meaning I don't read as much as I use to. I'm an ouroboros, I know. 

As for film and anime, I guess I've always sort of liked the first one. For as long as I can remember I've been exposed to every epic flick Hollywood can offer. And my parents didn't give a flying shit about the age ratings either (which is out of place for them), I just had to cover my eyes. There was definitely a tipping point between when I said I liked some films and watched them sometimes, to saying I'm passionate about film and film discussion/analysis. I can't tell you when it was, but it's there, though I don't wanna sound pretentious because I am actually dogwater at dissecting film.

If you asked me for my favourite genre, I'd probably say like 'chick flicks' - but not just any sort of chick flick, it has to be a 'Discovering yourself' typa chick flick. Because those are great and deserve far more credit and I've only watched banger after banger: clueless, legally blond, 10 things I hate about you, mean girls!

anime....for a lot of reasons I have a distaste for general anime industry practices, and thus also most produced anime, as well as any kind of 'otaku' culture. But the medium itself is special to me because I've always loved the creativity and freedom of animation, even if I feel like most shows are trash heaps or extreme wasted potential due to the saturation of the market; only catering to young teen boys; rushed episodes with overworked and underpaid staff; the race-fetishism that it brings in the West and of course the disgusting, pedophilic 'fan service'/misogyny/racism/rapey plot devices. That said, there are plenty of shows which suffer from none of these problems, but relatively they are an extremely small percentage. Even some of my favourites fall prey to these practices.

I watch a lot of video essays, media analysis stuff, investigative/informative things on YouTube because I don't have any sort of streaming subscription service that has documentaries and the likes. I highly recommend Jacob Geller, iilluminaughtii, Super Eyepatch Wolf and hochelaga. They're all popular, but this is just in case you haven't heard of them yet.

I listen to a lot of music, I guess? I'd link my Spotify but its attached to my real name and everything. Mainly I listen to:

indie pop, alt/indie ?? rock, j-pop, city pop, power pop, shoegaze & dreampop, future funk

You might see lots of -pops...but I promise that my taste is diverse. I won't list my favourite artists because they change too frequently.. (the playlist at the top has some of my current favourite songs!!)

Other stuff.... I guess I play some sports, like drawing, do creative writing (although its another lost hobby), writing articles, coding/programming/computer science - I don't really know...but it's fun. I read manga sometimes. I love food, food makes me happy, so I want to learn how to cook because right now I can barely make french toast. I'm back on NeoCities because I want to try my hand at writing some articles/essays and I wanted my own blog to post those in. I also use NeoCities because I never experienced the old web and it makes me sad that the internet is dominated by nothing but standardized corporate sites, endlessly vast. Not that I don't use current social media, but I've quit particularly toxic places like Twitter or Tiktok because I used to be addicted and it was awful for me mentally. HTML and CSS is also fun, and I'm always learning!

Also, this website was active 2 years ago but my code was atrocious (still is) so I gave up after trying to do a redesign and failing completely. I don't think anybody would remember it, but if you were wondering why this site is so empty despite being 2 years old its cuz I deleted every trace of the old site.

My favourite anime (semi-ordered):

  1. Mob Psycho 100 - especially S2
  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  3. Great Pretender/Saiki K/Ouran Highschool Host Club
  4. Cowboy Bebop

My favourite films (unordered, cuz I'm a pussy):

  1. End of Evangelion
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (I know...)
  3. Everything Everywhere All At Once
  4. But I'm A Cheerleader
  5. Superbad